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We at Baughn Engineering, with our unparalleled history of custom engineered fixture designs, provide our customers with unique solutions to meet their specific fixturing requirements. With over 50 years experience we offer the test industry the most extensive library of proven fixture designs available. Our in-house capabilities, including finite element analysis, provide our customers with the assurance that we will consistently and expediently supply a product that supports their test specifications.

Although Baughn Engineering specializes in standard and custom vibration/shock test fixtures, we also have a complete line of standard auxiliary test equipment, such as slip tables, isolation bases, and guidance systems including vertical and high capacity multi-axis guidance. Navigate through this website to learn more about these items.

We are a direct OEM supplier to many major electrodynamic and hydraulic shaker manufacturers worldwide. Using our in-house computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities, our fixture designs are thoroughly evaluated and proven to meet our customer’s test specifications before actual fixture manufacturing begins. Modal analysis of our complete fixtures is also available.

Aside from our OEM customers, we provide products and services to aerospace, automotive, electronics, and commercial companies throughout the world. We take great pride in our record of customer satisfaction.

Our custom fixtures have varied in size from small plates and cubes to large fixtures measuring over 10 feet. Although most of our fixtures are manufactured from lightweight, highly damped magnesium, we also employ the benefits of aluminum alloys, steels, plastics, resins, and special composites when applicable.

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