Slip Tables

Model MST – MonoBase

Baughn Engineering’s model MST MonoBase, with its dual I-Beam style steel construction, provides maximum stiffness between the shaker and the horizontal slip table for improved controllability and dynamic response during high frequency and/or high acceleration testing.

The MonoBase System incorporates our standard oil film table technology to provide a highly damped, horizontal slip surface. The basic system includes an in-line drive magnesium slip plate with perimeter extensions that cover the oil recovery moat. This design protects the operator from exposure to the hydraulic oil while keeping fingers and clothing from accidental contact with moving components.

The in-line slip plate design attaches to the horizontal row of inserts on the shaker armature. Our optional welded ‘Bullnoses’ or removable Drive Adapters are available for interfacing of the slip plate to the entire shaker armature face.

Special attention is given to operator safety including non-skid surfaces, plastic edge molding, heavily chamfered or radiused edges, and a UL approved pumping system.

The low-cost MonoBase System comes complete with a precision ground natural granite slip surface, extra large internal oil reservoir, adjustable trunnion mounting blocks, and an oversized magnesium slip plate. Also included is perimeter oil filtration, neoprene ‘waffle pad’ isolation (optional low frequency isolators available), swivel lifting rings, built-in oil pump system, and multi-coat polyurethane finish for maximum corrosion protection.

Model STC – MiniBase

The model STC MiniBase system offers the same basic features of the MonoBase System, but is designed to mount the entire shaker assembly, including the shaker’s standard support base, directly to a common steel and concrete platform. The common platform also supports one of our standard Stand Alone Slip Table Assemblies. The MiniBase allows our customers to incorporate their existing shakers ‘in-house’ using an overhead hoist and simple hand tools. Each MiniBase is specifically designed to match our customer’s individual shaker model for easy installation.
Model ST – Stand Alone Slip Tables
The Model ST Stand Alone Slip Table Assembly was designed with simplicity in mind to provide years of trouble-free operation. Only the highest quality materials and components are used to produce our standard slip table models, including; precision ground, natural granite slip surfaces; low volume, continual operation oil pumping systems; AZ31B magnesium alloy slip plates; 100% welded steel base construction; and high gloss polyurethane finishes.

Construction of the slip table includes a steel outer housing filled with steel reinforced concrete. Heavy duty, swivel lifting rings are included for easy moving.

The ST Slip Tables include four each leveling jackscrews for easy alignment to existing shakers. Tie-down mounting locations are also provided for permanent attachment to the lab floor or optional isolated base.

Our standard slip tables are also available in custom sizes to meet our customer’s specific test requirements. Optional internal self-lubricating linear guide bearings or hydrostatic bearing guidance is available for restraint of large load applications.
Model IP – Isolated Platforms
The steel and concrete filled Isolated Platform used in our MiniBase Slip Table Systems is available as a separate product to support existing shakers and/or auxiliary test equipment. The standard platform provides simple isolation from the laboratory floor down to 10 Hz. Low frequency isolators that provide isolation down to 3.5 Hz, is also available.

Our standard Isolated Platforms have a heavy steel top plate and include tapped holes per the customer’s requirements for attachment of shakers and/or equipment. Swivel lifting rings are also included for handling.

All Isolated Platforms and Table Systems offer the following optional features: air flotation for easy moving, power tow units for the added safety of controlled maneuverability (typically used in conjunction with air flotation), casters and rails for chamber installation. Of course all tables and bases are available with special features to meet our customer’s specific requirements.
Model DA – Drive Adapters
Our standard magnesium Drive Adapters attach to the entire shaker armature pattern (some exceptions apply) for maximum transmissibility between the shaker armature and the slip plate.

Interfacing to the slip plate is accomplished using standard socket head cap screws installed at an easily accessible 20° angle. No special, high cost, expansion pins or other devices are required. The stepped interface between the slip plate and the Drive Adapter provides the appropriate pre-load for 100% energy transmission from the shaker.