Universal Multi-line System

Baughn Engineering “Universal Multi-Line System” is truly one of the most unique and revolutionary multiple axes test systems on the market to date. Many multiple axes systems have been developed in past years, but most have utilized some form of mechanical linkage arms, spherical bearings and other types of linkage devices to allow for the simultaneous three axes movement of the system.

Baughn Engineering’s “Universal Multi-Line System” does not utilize the past design methods and therefore eliminates the foreshortening hang-ups and dynamic glitches experienced with previous design approaches to multiple axes vibration testing. In addition to this, the “Universal Multi-Line System” protects the shaker armatures from cross-axes forces.

The development of the Universal Multi-Line Vibration Test System was part of Baughn Engineering’s continuous effort to provide the test industry with innovative and unique designs.

Baughn Engineering’s “Universal Multi-Line System” is the only system to date that has solved the limitations of the past systems. The “Universal Multi-Line System” permits the test industry to examine the dynamic response of test components vibrating in three simultaneous axes out to 2,000 Hz at the full capacity of three shaker systems.

The Universal Multi-Line System has the following features:

  • Multiple axes testing
  • Simultaneous 3 axes linear vibration
  • Utilizes existing shaker and control systems
  • Capable of working with all shaker types
  • Capable of working with isolated shaker trunnions
  • Capable of performing out to 2,000 Hz
  • Capable of typical 2″ stroke (optional long stroke available)
  • 4′ x 4′ working area (optional sizes available)
  • Eliminates side loading on the shaker armature assembly
  • High moment restraint capacity
  • No external moving components
  • Compact area contained within a 12′ square area
  • No protrusions above working area
  • Easy and efficient installation
  • Independent test axis capabilities
  • Internal load support
  • Easy shaker access
  • Lightweight magnesium moving components
  • Low maintenance