Custom Vibration Fixtures

Vibration Fixtures
We utilize many techniques to improve overall fixture performance. For high frequency testing we often incorporate our “Q-Damp” damping material into the finished fixture for improved controllability and reduced vibration amplification levels during resonant conditions. We also use various interface materials, such as, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and resin based materials, to either improve wear characteristics or protect the test article’s critical contact surfaces during product installation and testing.

Operator safety is a major concern when designing our fixtures. All sharp edges and surface imperfections that could cause injury to the technician while handling the fixture are removed during the finishing operation.

Heavy fixtures include provisions for eyebolts or lifting rings, allowing the handler to use cranes or overhead hoists. All fixtures are stamped with reference numbers, dates, and actual weights to simplify storage and retrieval, and to calculate proper loading of test equipment.

Most of our fixtures and support equipment products include surface treatments such as polyurethane coatings, anodizing, and chemical treatments to protect surfaces from corrosion and to maintain the product’s integrity. All mounting holes in our magnesium products are permanently lined with our standard heavy duty, stainless steel washers or solid body threaded inserts for greater strength and extended durability.

Each order is assigned a permanent project engineer who interfaces directly with our customer to guarantee a common understanding of the test requirements and to assure proper interfacing with the existing test equipment.