L, T and I Fixtures

Multi-axis vibration testing can be accomplished in several ways. One of the least expensive methods is through the use of ‘L’ and ‘T’ Fixtures. These fixtures provide at least one vertical mounting surface to allow two axes of vibration by rotation of the test article.

Our ‘L’ Fixture provides a single vertical mounting surface for most test applications, while our ‘T’ Fixtures are designed with two vertical mounting surfaces. The ‘L’ Fixture can also be designed without gussets beyond the mounting surface, providing total access for easy mounting of components and clearance for cables, ducts, and connectors.

The ‘L’ and ‘T’ Fixtures often eliminate the need for more costly horizontal slip tables and hydrostatic bearings systems since multiple test axes can be achieved on the shaker in the fixed vertical position.

Baughn Engineering’s ‘L’ and ‘T’ Fixtures are manufactured from AZ31B magnesium tooling plate for maximum stiffness and minimum weight. All mounting or attachment holes include either heavy-duty stainless steel threaded inserts or B.E.’s standard permanently installed heavy-duty stainless steel washers for additional strength and durability.

Our standard ‘L’ and ‘T’ Fixtures are available in many standard sizes ranging from a 4.00″ square working surface to a 24.0″ square working surface. Custom sizes and shapes are also available.

Our larger ‘L’ Fixtures utilize our exclusive ‘truncated box’ design, which was originally created for our standard Head Expanders. The ‘truncated box’ design encloses all open cavities of the fixture for maximum stiffness and uniform energy transmission to the mounting surface. This procedure results in superior shaker efficiency and performance.

Our standard I-Fixture provides a lightweight alternative to the standard magnesium Cube Fixture. The I-Fixture permits simultaneous X, Y, and Z axes of test on a single vibration fixture while attached to the shaker in the vertical orientation. The I-Fixture provides the benefits of lightweight magnesium with its natural high damping characteristics, combined with the rigidity and strength of a solid one-piece weldment.

Three separate precision-machined mounting surfaces permit simultaneous testing of components, each in a different test axis. Heavy duty, stainless steel hardware, including permanently installed B.E. washers, provide added strength and durability to the I-Fixture.