Advanced Solutions

Model HSA Stand-Alone Bearing

Our model HSA hydrostatic bearing is interchangeable with other free-standing type guide bearings and has an 18,000 lb dynamic load capacity and an 8,000 lb static load capacity. It requires a 2500 PSI hydraulic power supply. It can be made to order with up to a 2-3/8″ maximum stroke.HSA Bearing Flyer

Model HVGS-60 Dual Shaker Horizontal & Vertical Guided Table System

This system features both a vertical guided head expander and an isolated platform and slip table. It utilizes two independent electrodynamic shakers which can be configured for either dual in-axis vibration or independent dual-axis vibration.HVGS DUAL FLYER

Model VTLS-120 Vertical Guided Head Expander

For extreme overturning moment restraint we offer our VTLS system. Capable of restraining over 3 million in-lbs of overturning force at up to 3-1/4″ of stroke.VTL FLYER