1. Celebrating 30 Years in the Vibration Fixture Industry!

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    Founded in September, 1990, Baughn Engineering, Inc. has established itself as the permanent fixture in the industry. From standard and custom magnesium shock and vibration fixtures, to revolutionary multi-axis guidance systems, Baughn Engineering has been the go-to resource for testing solutions around the world. We thank all of our customers for trusting us with your needs and we look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come.


  2. Custom Vibration Fixtures

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    One of Baughn Engineering’s greatest assets is finding solutions to challenging test requirements. Nearly every fixture requires a degree of custom design, but in many cases the test requirements are so unique the fixtures must be approached from a completely new perspective.

  3. Large Multi-axis Test Table

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    The development of the Universal Multi-Line Vibration Test System was part of Baughn Engineering’s continuous effort to provide the test industry with innovative and unique designs.

  4. Universal Multi-Line System

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    Truly one of the most unique and revolutionary multiple axes test systems on the market. The Baughn Engineering system is the only one to date the has solved limitations of older designs.

  5. Verti-Line Guided Head Expander

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    For applications that require high overturning moment restraint, Baughn Engineering has developed the centrally guided Verti-Line Head Expander which eliminates thermal expansion issues found in conventional guided head expanders.

  6. Flexure Guided Head Expander

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    Low-cost, easy maintenance using conventional guide flexures and air support, this is the industry standard in guided head expanders.

  7. Model STC-24 Minibase

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    The model STC MiniBase system offers the same basic features of the MonoBase System, but is designed to mount the entire shaker assembly including the shaker’s standard support base, directly to a common steel and concrete platform.

  8. Custom Cube Fixture

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    An example of a custom application cube fixture.

  9. Standard Cube Fixtures

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    Manufactured from solid magnesium billet stock. Larger Cubes, 12.0″ and up, are constructed from welded magnesium tooling plate, internally gussetted to minimize the overall weight and maintain strength and stiffness.

  10. Modular Circuit Board Fixtures

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    This fixture is a modular system that can test virtually any circuit board in all three axis. Available in many sizes.